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Hulk Hogan

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Monday, March 21st, 2005
3:26 pm - its march
so finally the time has begun that i've been lookign forward to...

4day week march21-24
4day weekend!!!!!!!
3day week
5day weekend (aka sanfrancisco!!!!!)!!!!!!!
3day week
2day weekend!!!
5day week
9day weekend (aka april vacay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5day week
2day weekend!!!
5day week
2day weekend!!!
5day week
2day weekend !! this whole time looks bad but its soo close to the end we'll be
5day week senior stuff and that sort anyway and hopefully i'll have a
2day weekend!! feild trip in there somewhere
5day week
2day weekend!!!
2day week (aka end of school) may24!!!!
except i'l have to go in for exams cuz no way i'm only missing one more day this year

2 months!!!!!

i ordered the 3rd season of smallville and the soundtrack and they were shipped today and judging by past experiences it should be here on thursday i hope hope hope

alsoo what else.. i dunno nothing else is relly going on...

o i went to thew eye doctor and my eyes are alot worse

i have to go to the dentist on thursday.. yikes! by myself

prism is on wednesday so is harms rehearse.. we dont really know our music well enough for san fran i dont believe.. we should make sure we just sing the songs we know

my room is still clean thats gotta be a record.. almost a month

on the 24th i will have had my earrings in for a month so i can put new ones in but i might wait another week to make sure they're healed

ummm.. we bought a waffle maker on saturday wahooo

ipreordered harry potter and the half blood prince so i can go pick itup july 16th

i'm 18 isnt that awesome.. its been almost 2 mos..

i bought a green jacket

my cat really wants me to go feed her so i will

current mood: geeky

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Sunday, February 6th, 2005
11:59 am - a tea cup
so tonight wa sthe super bowl.. fun times at robbies good thing he had milk there...so i was drinking tea before the super bowl at my house... and then i was playign with the cup and sucking it to my face you know how you can and it stays on your face any way i was doign that and my dad kept saying it was gunan make a round markon my facebut i thought it ws just the kind that goes a way in five minutes.. but then after a while i went to look in the mirrior and there we all theses red marks in a circle where the cup had been like blood blister type things,.. and i felt soo stupid and my dad just kept laughing cuz ihe had been teling me it was gunan happen and i didnt believe hime.. and its gunna be there for such a long time .. and i fell stupid.. and i also feel stupid cuz i gues si just told that whole story to phils roomate without knowng it.. yeah that made me feel pretty stupid i'm still getting ove rit actually haha i mean its not my fault i gues its just funny i happened to start telling that ridiculous cup story and then i bet he came in and saw it cuz he came on and told me it happened.. but how do i kno thats how it happened and maybe the second time it was his roomate and the first time was him.. or they coulda both been his roomate.. o the scarity of it.. whats teh noun form od scare? fear? btu that doesnt work.. 'll just say.. o how scary that is.. anyway so i watched pride and prejudice on frids/sat.. it was soo amazing and the main characters name is lizzie!!!! ok well i really do need to read 78 pges of a farewell to arms tonight so maybe i should go do that.. gnight all

current mood: scared

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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
3:41 am - BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!
i'm happy
we had a blizzard last night!! over 2 feet of snowww!!!!
i dont have school tomorrow..
i learned how to knit yesterday
my birthay's in 7 days
i got a cell phone
i got into college
midterms are over
i dont have anymore gym
kelly's coming to visit from canada
feb vacation is in like what 4 weeks?
i have my final records appointment for orthodontist on feb 16.. maybe that means i dont have to go anymore
we are practically snowed in here
my whole schedule is going to be so much easier
it's second semester senior year
the patriots are gunna win tonight
harmony is going to sanfrancisco april 1-5
good friday is in march so we better have a day off then, this year its not part of april vacay
april vacay is coming soon after we get back from san fran
basically after april vacay we are out for summer

i'n not happy
becuase of blizzard i cant go see my friends. but o well
we have no fritos chips for dinner
our camera broke today
we are almost out of lemonade
i'm not in the mood to clean my room but i should
i was supposed to go out for lunch today
theres a possibility some bubblegum soda exploded in my car
i want to rent a movie
umm yeah

so overall i'm pretty sure the good outways the bad

current mood: content

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Friday, January 21st, 2005
12:45 pm - this deserves a full page to itself
"Mary-Kate and Ashley, who played Michelle, were great. I miss them, I love them, and I need to borrow some money from them."- John Stamos

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
12:08 pm - good plan
HEATHER! i am in love with this

in one TRY ..type your name with your...
Fingers: lizzi

Chin: lki8zziu

One finger with eyes closed: lizzr


Elbow: lizziu

Lips: lizzi

Palm: lizxzxi

Back of hand: plizszi

Nose: o9ai8

Tongue: lizzi

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11:58 am - midterms
so i'm sitting her studying for spanish and zoology. ....or watching rosanne and writing this.....and i got REALLY thirsty.. actualy i was really thirst y when i wok up at 945 pm and then drank a half a bottle of rootbeer but y aknow that relly doesnt quench your thirst.. so earlier tonight i was thinking abotu blue rasberry lemonade koolade.. which iss suuuch a good drink.. so i said to myself, self, wouldnt it be amazing if i could go to the cabinet and find a pack of that kind of koolade... so i did... and it wass there!!! so i made ittt and well first there was only 3/4 a cup of sugar then i found my secret stash of sugar cubes under my bed....so it happened.. and so back to blue koolade.. its amazing.. it is what i call a "clear drink" those ar eth best .. examples of "non clear drinks" are milk and orange juice .. thats why i have to water down my orange juice or put seltzer in it and drink skim milk.. anyway so good drinks list....

blue koolade
hanks/stuarts orangen' cream( preferably flat)
rasberry nestea in a bottle not can
mercury rasberry
watered down rootbear .. like from mcdonalds
orange juice with seltzer/ orangina

theres probly more i just cant think of them

o midterms are over tomorrow

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Friday, January 7th, 2005
9:21 am - this was just too good not to put in

E is for Elegant
L is for Liberal
I is for Innocent
Z is for Zealous
A is for Articulate
B is for Boisterous
E is for Emotional
T is for Tame
H is for Hot
C is for Clever
A is for Adaptable
R is for Romantic
O is for Openhearted
L is for Liberal
I is for Influential
N is for Nervy
E is for Extreme
L is for Luscious
O is for Odd
Y is for Yummy

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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
7:56 pm - what a strange thing ,.. haha

Emo Boyfriend
Favourite Color 
His Name Billy
His Looks/Style Shaggy black hair, blue eyes, wears eyeliner, really skinny, pale, lip ring, band t-shirts, tight pants, and converse
How you met School
How he tells you he loves you Sits outside your house at 2 in the morning and plays guitar and sings (very well) "Only One" by Yellowcard
What he calls you Princess
How far you've gone everything but sex
This Quiz by _shelovedaboy - Taken 46948 Times.
New! Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

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7:31 pm - My favorite radio dj
David Allan Boucher has the longest running and most successful nighttime show in Boston. He has hosted BEDTIME MAGIC since its inception in 1982, and can boast over thirteen straight years at #1 Women 25-54, the most successful track record of any nighttime show in America! David's larger-than-life voice and unique delivery make him one of a kind.

Favorite restaurant:    Maison Robert   

Favorite vacation spot: New Hampshire or Mexico 

Favorite drink: Red Wine

 Favorite dessert: "No thanks...I'll pass!" 
Favorite athlete: Serena and Venus 

Favorite place in Boston:   any nice coffe house with the right company 

Favorite thing about Boston: the North End, walking, theatre 

Favorite TV show:   The Sopranos 

Favorite place to shop:    Copley Place 

Favorite gift received:
    a silk bathrobe, a full body massage 

  Favorite movie snack food:
        popcorn (extra salt & butter!) 
Favorite concert:
  Esplanade on a cool summer night       

What TV show would you like a role on? (past or present):

What was the worst job you ever had?
  Tossing pizza's in the air at Napoli's Pizzeria 

What is your method of relaxation?
  Listening to the sounds of birds chirping, a crackling fire or the wind blowing through the trees. 

What was your most embarrasing radio moment?
  Locking myself out of the studio...twice! 

What would you do if you weren't on the radio?
  Retire to the Riveria! 

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Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
1:07 pm - coming soon
soo coming soon..

i am plannign on making a list of the last lines of books.. cuz last lines of books are awesome sometimes. i already know 2 i like.. from catcher and Gatsby.. i'll have to find more and put them in here.. what else is there to do with my time

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12:59 pm
so i'm in study right now .. yeah school gets over at 1 30 i still have like half an hour.. ah hwhatevs.. so i've been thinkign about writing this for along time

my favorite part of the day

my favorite part of the day is when i have gone to sleep and then for somereason i wake up... then i hope that its not morning .. i look at my watch and if its anywhere between 1 and 4 i gett really happy and know i have more time to sleep ....

i like it because at that moment i know that i'm safe... i know that theres nothing i could possibly be accomplishing, nothing i have to get up and do.. and i can just slowly drift back to sleep

thats my favorite part of the day

now i get to go hoem in half an hour.. then i can sleep or eat or whatev cuz i'm soo proud of myself and i just did my zoology article so i have no homework!!!

then i have a harmony concert at 6 30 with solctice .. then i'll come home and sleep then tomorrow wont be soo bad cuz i have no homework to stress about and the blocks are god i have another double study .. and then friday we have our holiday tour!!!! yup so exciting then its the weekend then we haevschool till thursday then we are done 11 free days wahooi'm gouign to canada yayayay

current mood: accomplished

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Saturday, December 11th, 2004
5:50 pm - my trip to the mall
so today was quite eventful..

i called poshie when i woke up to discuss having to go sing at where they are selling christmas trees with dellbells.. and we both said we felt sick and had sore throats...

then we decided to go to bertuccis so we did and we got a lovely individual carmine pizza.. mmmmm

then we went to sing at the tree place and it was fun ya know.. then we had a plan to go to best buy to get her sisters christmas presants....

however on the way there poshie said we should go visit taylor at j crew cuz she said he works there but on the way we ran into robbie.. and he didnt se eus as we past and poshie was liek wait thats robbie so i turned around and said robbie and he turned around and we talked to him for a sec.. but then i realized maybe it woulda been better if i hadnt said that cuz he was at the mall with kaila and sophie buying christmas presants and poshie wasnt gunna say hi.. anyway so we spent our time avoiding them.. we kept see ing them and walking away aand hiding cuz poshie didnt want them to think we wewre spying on them

so after we had no luck finding taylor we were guna go to best buy but then we decided to go look for a presant for robbie for christmas... now this was quite a big ordeal/...she didnt know what to get him

so she was like we need to find a boy so we can ask him what boys want for christmas but really thats pretty rediculous cuz that plan didnt work to well tho.. it was funny.. we

o first we walked by this like stand in the mall that was selling these pictures in frames and the pictures like move.. like there wee waterfalls and beaches and such and the guy started talking to us and he showed us all the different oneas and we really knew we couldnt buy one so it was alittle akward but he was a nice guy.. so poshie was like yeah we lll we dont really have any money we're just looking around . hah ai dunno

k anyway so we went to this sports store and this guy came up to us and was like do you nee dany help and poshie wa slike.. yeha well i'm trying to buy a presant for my boyfriend.. what kinda thing do you think hed like .. or somethign lik ethat.. and it was kinda funny.. the guy was like umm we have a lot of red sox stuff is he a redsox fan and poshie said yeah ok we'll go look over there

so we left that store.. and we went to a stand in the mall and this guy asked what we were looking for and poshie said she was looking for apresant for her boy friend and she asked what that guy would want for christmas and he looked like pretty confsed and he was like me? well if i got a presant from my girlfriend i would like shoes but you know everyone is different

so yeah then we bought peach ice tea from au bon pain and saw robbie and kaila ans sophie and had to run again

o i forgot we saw aj mahar talking on his cell phone by the food court and he waved to us.. then later we thought we shoulda asked him what we should get robbie.. cuz poshie just wanted to ask any boy she could whatto get him...

o so we both had our cerllphones and she called pretty much all the boys in her cellphone.. she called like justin and pete and jeff and i called colin cuz i had his number and he talked to poshie then i called dory and he talked to poshie and we called liek everyone we knew

and then we left and decided not togo to best buy cuz it was late and we were tired

so then we drove home and now i m here and have a nice day

current mood: tired

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Saturday, December 4th, 2004
7:30 pm - color change
so i changed the color of my live journal thing.. it was fun i went to like modify journal and in the custom part i put green or lime in every box.. so everything is either green or lime green. .except for my blue guy and antonio of course .. yeah .. so today i watched the mak of zorro .. beautiful.. and yeah i Finished the Great Gatsby i loved it.. i cant wait till i get the books i ordered it will be the highlight of my month.. yeah so anyway i went to jessa's and watched a few good men at her house.. i love that movie!!!! i bought it about a month ago.. iu'm so excited christmas is coming!!!!!! k well have an awesome day kids

current mood: content

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Friday, December 3rd, 2004
7:55 pm
the arch villain is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

bob saget is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

yellow beeshees are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

AFTER doing liekwhat is it 4 or these i finally realized that the answers to is love come from my very own profile .. i realized it cuz who's ever heard of a yellow beeshee

current mood: touched

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7:49 pm - i really do like the color green
george feeny is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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6:17 pm - Public service announcement
this is a public servie anouncement.. ithink thats whatthey are called....

Go to sleep on time!!!!

make sure you get sleep and are in a healthy sleeping schedule and many of your daily problems could be cured.
i should take a pole and see what people think sleeping affects

basicly its everything tho..
you'll be more smarter if you sleep alot

and also stronger you wont drop things

your mind will be more acuitous. you wont forget important things as much

you will be able to type better i bet

and be fearless when in the face of danger

also i bet you'd stay a bit dryer if you were out in the rain

you could speak in complete sentances and finish thoughts

you could more safely navigate your way anywhere

you wont feel terrible

walking in a straight line is always good

heres the thing... taking tests is really easier

it'll be a lot easier to communicate with foreign beings

as well as comprehend thos afore mentioned beings

you would get your tasks done in a much more efficient manner

you wouldn't be so affected by things that shouldnt hurt you
(like if someone accidently drops a book on your head)

thats all for now folks

current mood: contemplative

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
9:28 am - life time aspirations
i hope jordon doesnt sue me for posting this . especially cuz hes so oppsed to live journals.. hed rather write thing down and save them for his personal memoirs for after he retires

ziziliziz: i kinda wanna go to Blaine
ziziliziz: i wanan be a hairdresser for movies
jmaurand 1: it's so expensive
ziziliziz: thats my dream job
ziziliziz: i knwo its crazy expensiv ei looke dat their website
jmaurand 1: you wouldn't get that job from going to blaine
ziziliziz: and took their test and gave them my email
jmaurand 1: there are difinitely better schools for that
ziziliziz: hah ai know unles it was a really bad movie
ziziliziz: i just dont know of any
ziziliziz: and dont you have to go to like schools like north shore tech to get into one of those cuz you woulda already done it in highschool?
jmaurand 1: i know nothing about beauty school
ziziliziz: i should look them up online
ziziliziz: i can be a hairstylist and marry a famous actor and be really rich
jmaurand 1: you should be more reasonable. you should dream about influencing government policies so you can legally rob the poor.
ziziliziz: haha
jmaurand 1: that's what i do
ziziliziz: ahh
ziziliziz: maybe i'll inherit a large sum of money from someone i never knew nd never have to work
jmaurand 1: haha
jmaurand 1: sounds like you're going to be a real productive member of society
ziziliziz: or when i turn 18 buy a scratch ticket thing and win the lottery
ziziliziz: yeah
jmaurand 1: haha
ziziliziz: or maybe my dad will write a one hit wonder that plays all the time.. at christmas.. and i will get all the proceeds and live my life in units of time
jmaurand 1: man lizzy you need better dreams
jmaurand 1: i think all of these dreams are movie plots
ziziliziz: di dyou se ethat movie
ziziliziz: hah ayeah
jmaurand 1: yeah i forget which one it was
ziziliziz: about a boy was the one i just said
jmaurand 1: oh word
jmaurand 1: my filthy roommate owns that
ziziliziz: i was also thinking of uptown girls but all her money gets stolen
jmaurand 1: ha
ziziliziz: hahah i liek that movie.. steal it and disinfect it
jmaurand 1: i have a great idea for a job if i don't go to some other school
ziziliziz: or maybe i'l be a bootlegger
jmaurand 1: um alcohol is legal
ziziliziz: haha o yeah
jmaurand 1: to be a 911 dispatcher
ziziliziz: why??
ziziliziz: thats quite random
jmaurand 1: because i'm an eagle scout. and this one guy told me they try to hire eagle scouts for it
jmaurand 1: and they make good money
jmaurand 1: and i'd be a hero
ziziliziz: yes a local hero then youd fall out of a tee rescuing a cat when you are like 60
ziziliziz: tree
jmaurand 1: no i'd just sit at a desk and answer frantic calls
ziziliziz: i wanna work for airmiles or whatever
ziziliziz: i knew someone who did. what is thatthing called
jmaurand 1: i need an associates degree to be a police officer. and i'd have to go to police academy. and i don't wanna be a police officer
ziziliziz: security guard!!!!!!!!
jmaurand 1: god
ziziliziz: haha
jmaurand 1: i can make way more money and still retain my dignity
ziziliziz: haha
jmaurand 1: i bet those guys make like $8 an hour
jmaurand 1: shocking
ziziliziz: yeah and they risk their lives
ziziliziz: they are always the ones who die terrible deaths in movies
ziziliziz: especially hellboy
ziziliziz: when i was little i really wanted to be a blacksmith
ziziliziz: and i can make armor for knights
ziziliziz: and swords
jmaurand 1: you need to stop watching movies
ziziliziz: and practice 3 hours a day so when i meet a pirate i can kill it
ziziliziz: k what 2 movies is that?
jmaurand 1: pirates of the carribean
ziziliziz: and?
ziziliziz: the first part
ziziliziz: armor
jmaurand 1: oh
ziziliziz: is taht how you spell armor
jmaurand 1: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ziziliziz: think.. knights
ziziliziz: and a girl blacksmith
jmaurand 1: i haven't seen any knight-movies in the past 10 years
ziziliziz: are you sure
jmaurand 1: girls aren't blacksmiths
jmaurand 1: i know that much
ziziliziz: hah ye sthey are she make sthe armor better thna all of them and puts the nike symbol on it
ziziliziz: it from A Knights Tale
ziziliziz: what opther job do you want
jmaurand 1: um
jmaurand 1: i don't know
jmaurand 1: starbucks or borders or something relaxing
ziziliziz: that woud be nive
ziziliziz: nice
jmaurand 1: if i'm not going to be a hero then i might as well chill out for $10 an hour
ziziliziz: librarians have to go to school for along time so i wouldn t want to be one of those
ziziliziz: yeah
ziziliziz: taht was sorta random
ziziliziz: but i associated borders with books and books with librarians al lthough i know theres no librarians at borders
ziziliziz: well mayeb sometimes there are
ziziliziz: o wait obviusly i justremmebered what i'm gunna be
jmaurand 1: right
jmaurand 1: a librarian?
ziziliziz: no a pop star
jmaurand 1: oh
jmaurand 1: how stupid of me
ziziliziz: i'm gunna sing and um play the guitar and piano at the same time
jmaurand 1: good luck
ziziliziz: and i'm gunna name my self lizanotar
ziziliziz: its a mix or lizzi piano and giutar if you didnt notice
jmaurand 1: ah
ziziliziz: or maybe i'll be a famous author and that wil lbe my penname
ziziliziz: who wouldnt read a book by someone named lizanotar
jmaurand 1: there is so much hope in today's youth. i can see that from here.
ziziliziz: o thats what i'l do i'll rgh one book that everyone loves and i'll get so much money and never write a gain.. and then i'd become rcrazy and kill my dog and think it was some character from my book.. and burn my house down
ziziliziz: actually i wouldnt liek that very much
jmaurand 1: hahahaha
jmaurand 1: man i saw that movie
jmaurand 1: it sucked
ziziliziz: that one was a reach to a movie
ziziliziz: yeha you noticed
ziziliziz: i'm good at this see i could write a book combineing the plots of liek dozens of movies ive seen
jmaurand 1: yeah... and get sued by dozens of extremely powerful companies....
ziziliziz: haha
ziziliziz: so have you shaved yet?
jmaurand 1: yeah i did
ziziliziz: o thats nice
jmaurand 1: and i immediately regretted it
ziziliziz: o why?
jmaurand 1: so i'm growin it back
jmaurand 1: i like the way i look with hair on my face
ziziliziz: haha that a good plan then
ziziliziz: if i had hair on my face i could join the circus as the bearded lady
ziziliziz: o o
ziziliziz: perfect job
ziziliziz: hotel tester
ziziliziz: or critique
ziziliziz: i mena
ziziliziz: or resturant critique
ziziliziz: citic
ziziliziz: critic
ziziliziz: or a mason
ziziliziz: that would be fun.. making things out of brick
jmaurand 1: yeah i want to be a movie/music/art critic for a while
ziziliziz: how bout i just be a housewife
jmaurand1: i like telling people what to think because i know i'm always right
ziziliziz: or course
jmaurand 1: yeah it seems like you probably will end up being a housewife
ziziliziz: ithink thats a pretty good job
jmaurand 1: and then you'll eventually declare yourself a writer and you'll write some book
ziziliziz: but these days so many people have to work.. thats why i'm gunna marry a rich man who will buy me a cell phone a laptop and a video cameraand adigital camera
ziziliziz: yeah on the aristocracy of massachustees
ziziliziz: but we wont live in massachusetts
ziziliziz: we'll travel the world and hire tutors for our children
ziziliziz: but pay alot of attention to them so they arent scarred for life
jmaurand 1: well that scars them, too, you know
jmaurand 1: and pisses them off
ziziliziz: haha wed do it just enough not to.. but not neglectthem either
jmaurand 1: don't be crazy you're kids will be pissed off no matter what and you know it
ziziliziz: ahh no they wont
jmaurand 1: even a great kid like me has his rocky moments
jmaurand 1: 7th grade was a bad year
ziziliziz: i'm not pissed of and i'm a kid

current mood: amused

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
1:38 am - cant sleep at all
so it s dec 1 well now dec 2 so yeah yay december.. i came hoem from shool early today and liek slept forever and i have no little bit of tirednss at all really.. i'm watching x-files theres 4 in a row this one isnt too good but mayeb cuz i'm not paying attention... mchales navy comes on at 2 i think i wanna watc that instead of 2 more episodes of x files cuz i liek that movie if my remote control worked i coudl switch back and forth.. anyway o well .. so i maybe wil jst fall asleep on the couch then it will be easier o wake up in the mornign and all even tho id hve to go upstairs to get dressed and all.. o i finished all my college stuff!!! wahoo i did my interview yestrday and finished my application at liek 12 yesterday good job yea .. anyway i dont feel like typing anythin more

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Sunday, November 21st, 2004
10:57 pm - fed up basicly
i want something to happen to trigger me going crazy.. i want like i dunnop some excuse to go crazy sometime i'm pretty close to snapping and the scary thing is i just want it to happen.. i dunno i thought of this really good analogy today except i can rememebr what the analogy was for or what it explained and i'm pretty mad i cant remeber it .. ahhh i hate being in thesemoods and i hate that i hate being in my house!!!!! i need somethign differe.. why is it only november and why do i have so many peopel here all the time ahh its liek a crazy house.. i mean i just need to survive this semester but howw. . ahh i just dont know what to do .. i just need to apply to college.. and then i'll be fine.. as long as i dont fail everything it'll be fine .. o man i hate confusion i feel so helpless

current mood: intimidated

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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
9:39 am - why cant we all move to argentina
i think that is my new obsession.. moving to argentina.. i just think i t would be a slower pace of life... or if i could get kiddnapped by someone who was really nice and took me to some country where everything was unstressful.. i mean we have lots of advantges and opportunities in this country but i think peopl eneed to sit back and relax alittle more and everything would be ok.. i have anew idea/ plan or whatev .. stay up all night on thursday nights.. thursday is the ideal night becaus you feel the effects the most the second day.. believe me.. i know.. and on thursday the second day is saturday when i can sleep in .. and i feel that saying up on a thursday evening till friday morning i would get alot more done and mor hrs of actual time spent doing things than i would just do ing stuf fon saturday cuz i'm gunna sleep in on sat no matter what.. so i'm gunnassee and anyway i have to write aresearch paper tomorrow night.. anyway thats all for now

current mood: discontent

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